What is the flight range?

Cheyenne Wyoming to South Parker.

What times do you fly?

Sun up to one hour before sundown. I cannot release birds after sundown, however I can release birds soon before sundown knowing full well that my birds will find a motel for the nite and show up the next morning wiping coffee and donuts from their beak 😉 .

Do you fly in the winter?

Yes, I train in all weather conditions.

How do the birds get home?

Lots of training.

Do the birds mate for life?


How old can they live?

Pigeons live up to 15 years when well loved and cared for.

What do they eat?

Grains, corn, peas, and leafy greens like lettuce.

Do all the birds make it home?

Yes, there are hazards such as power lines, hawks, falcons, but my birds are very fast and can outrun larger birds of prey.

How long does it take them to get home?

On average 2 - 4 hours from metro Denver depending on windspeed and direction.

Where is their home?

Approximately 10 miles east of Greeley, Colorado, right on the South Platte River.


How does flight training work?

Training starts when the birds are fully feathered. They then spend two weeks learning to bob, followed by learning outside. Then one mile flights north, east, south and west twice in each direction. After successful one mile trips, the trips double, two miles, four miles, eight miles and so on.